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Secure Inspect

Thermal Imaging

Secure Home Inspection Inc. along with H20 Energy and Air Consultants is offering thermal Imaging technology and is now the latest system available to home, building owners and commercial maintenance companies who want to determine whether there is moisture or water intrusion to be found in a quick and cost sensitive manner. All this without the often inaccurate and destructiveness of cutting holes in the wall, floor and ceiling in every room.

How it works

The infrared equipment we use is of a very high standard and produces results that are clear and easy to analysis. The infrared camera captures images of heat not seen by the naked eye via a sensor not too different in principle to a digital camera. Infrared reads surface temperature and then assigns a relative color to each temperature measured down to point 1 of a degree so it is very sensitive to temperature fluctuations. The training on this equipment is also very important as reading the finest of color detail can make all the difference. This is how moisture is found, as a rule moisture or water is cooler and will be distinguished. We then confirm our results for you with a non-invasive moisture meter. No mess!

Call our Secure Home Inspection / H20 Energy & Air Consultants today for you next project that needs this incredible non-destructive tool that will save you time and money on doing it the old fashion way. Get definition today for the detailed planning and consulting you deserve.

Secure Inspect

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